About Us

We're bringing innovation to the way medical innovation is brought to market. Successfully.

The Medingen Group is incorporated as a limited liabiity company in the state of New York.

Our vision is to successfully and profitably commercialize IP in all fields of Life Sciences which improve patient care, well-being, patient compliance, health outcomes, and have the acceptance of the medical community. We believe that any and all credible inventions for the benefit of human health can and will be brought to the appropriate marketplace for the benefit of all parties.

Initially, Medingen clients were medical professionals with privately-held IP that was either dormant or poorly positioned in the marketplace. Medingen has now expanded to become an incubator for earlier-stage IP, as well as a resource for numerous organizations, including academia, medical institutions and financial institutes.

The Medingen portfolio is one of scientific, medical and clinical excellence. Before an invention is added to the Medingen portfolio, it is first subjected to a thorough and rigorous evaluation using our proprietary 8-point Evalu8 Due Diligence Process. Each Medical IP is scrutinized and assessed for the following:

Scientific, Clinical and Medical, and Clinical credibility,
utility, applicability
Competing IP and publications
Market, Industry analysis and licensing opportunities

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