The Medingen Group, LLC announces the organization of a new affiliate, Medingen Services.

Medingen Services, LLC to Provide Expert Medical Due Diligence for Investing in Biomedical and Life Sciences Technologies.

Canandaigua, NY, and Pittsford, NY (November 30, 2005) – The Medingen Group, LLC, a leader in the incubation and commercialization of Biomedical and Life Sciences inventions, announced today that it has organized an affiliate company, Medingen Services, LLC to focus its business on their proprietary medical evaluation process, EVALU8™. Medingen Services has acquired the exclusive rights to the Evalu8 process of medical due diligence for those looking to make an investment in new medical technology and innovation.

The EVALU8 process has been developed through several major medical product evaluation efforts. The reviews are conducted by a world-renowned Scientific and Medical Advisory Board and then delivered to the customer via three separate formats: SMAB – Scientific, Medical and Clinical Credibility and Utility; IP – Competing IP found in Patents and Publications; and MIL – Market, Industry and Licensing opportunities. The Board and Advisors scrutinize every aspect of the invention disclosure or business plan provided by the client.

Mary Maida, PhD, CEO, The Medingen Group and member of the Scientific and Medical Advisory Board of Medingen Services, says “We are excited to have opened another chapter in our efforts to help expand solutions to current and emerging health challenges by focusing a business on the evaluation of medical IP for the purpose of investment. Medingen Services, LLC, its management and Scientific and Medical Advisory Board are dedicated to enhancing the success rate of medical innovation and invention by providing the investor the proven vision and process to confidently make the investment”.

“There appears to be no end to the applications of new medical technologies today or to the opportunities to invest in and commercialize these innovations. The investor needs all the help he can get to gain the confidence to make an investment. Our world-renowned medical IP experts utilizing the EVALU8 process can provide that confidence,” notes Donald C. Bauch, President, Medingen Services.

About The Medingen Group, LLC

The vision of The Medingen Group is to bring to commercial fruition and success all IP in the fields of Life Sciences that improve patient care, well-being, patient compliance and health outcomes. We believe that any and all credible inventions for the benefit of human health can and will be brought to the appropriate marketplace for the benefit of all parties.
About Medingen Services, LLC

Medingen Services is a customer driven focused team delivering expert evaluations of new medical technology and innovation. Our goal is to be the premier provider of Scientific, Medical and Clinical Due Diligence on any and all Biomedical and Life Sciences products for those considering an investment in new technology.

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