Science/Medical Advisory Board

The Medingen Scientific and Medical Advisory Board has the expertise to most confidently evaluate the viability of any Life Sciences and Biomedical health care innovation.

As an inventor looking for guidance on how to most effectively get your IP to market, you want the best minds in clinical and research medicine working with you to evaluate the commercial potential of your invention.

Given the amount of time and dedication you’ve taken to develop your Intellectual Property, your invention deserves a thorough and exhaustive study by Medingen’s panel of experts, who will review your product and provide a comprehensive report regarding the credibility and utility of the invention through the eyes of the medical community who will either use the product directly, or recommend it to their patients. The Advisory Board input often results in suggestions that enhance your invention’s scope and capabilities, or improves the likelihood of acceptance among medical professionals and those whom they serve.

The Medingen Science and Medical Advisory Board members have the expertise needed to most confidently evaluate the viability of any Life Sciences and Biomedical health care innovation. All are experts in their respective fields of clinical, academic, and research medicine. All hold MD, PhD, or MD/PhD degrees, and collectively share 100+ years of excellence in medicine and research. They are world-class grant recipients who frequently are invited to participate in grant-review processes at the National Institutes of Health, or for private grant-making foundations. And, all are inventors in their own right who hold patents and copyrights for their own biomedical innovations, some of which have been successfully commercialized, or are in the process of being transferred to the marketplace.

Medingen also retains a group of adjunct advisors who represent the entire scope of medical and scientific research specialties and sub-specialties. These professionals are called upon to provide expert scientific, medical and clinical evaluation of inventions that are highly specialized in nature, and which would most likely be used by a targeted audience.

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