How to Get Started

We’ve refined the process of evaluating your health care innovation to a science.

There’s no end to the applications of new medical technologies today, or to the opportunities to commercialize these innovations. Yet predetermining the viability of a medical invention in advance isn’t easily accomplished – even for most in the medical community.

Medingen has developed a proprietary process - Evalu8 - to ensure your invention’s success. The Evalu8 system is divided into three processes which are completed in advance of becoming IP that is incubated and commercialized through The Medingen Group.

Assessment by an elite panel of medical, clinical and research

Evaluation of potentially competing products uncovered by
exhaustive, worldwide patent and trade publication investigations

Appraisal of the health of the IP’s Industry, extent of Market
Opportunities, and potential Licensing Prospects.

Before you commit to taking the next step, our Board of Science and Medical experts will provide guidance through a comprehensive and exhaustive assessment of your innovation from multiple scientific and medical vantage points. Medingen’s world-renowned experts will provide the due diligence necessary to enable you to decide whether to continue your quest to commercialize your IP as it currently stands.

Medingen’s Scientific and Medical Advisors are experts in the fields of clinical, academic, and research medicine, All hold MD, PhD, or MD/PhD degrees, and collectively share 100+ years of excellence in research and medicine. Their goal is to make your invention a commercial success by providing essential feedback from the science and medical communities in advance of manufacturing and marketing decisions.

Our group of adjunct advisors encompasses the entire spectrum of medical specialties and sub-disciplines. These experts are called upon to provide scientific, medical and clinical opinion for innovations that are highly specialized in nature or which have extremely targeted uses and markets.

Next, we will determine if there are potential road-blocks to achieving commercial success. Knowing this allows us to collectively determine how to proceed.

Finally, we want to make sure that the industry in which your invention will compete is a healthy one, with growing or new market opportunities, and potential licensing or other strategic partners.

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