Scientific, Medical and Clinical Due Diligence

The best due diligence begins with a wealth of proven medical IP expertise.

Getting your invention to market begins with Medingen's proprietary EVALU8 process, a comprehensive Scientific, Medical and Clinical Due Diligence review of your invention, patent, product or business plan. A typical report compiled by our Scientific and Medical Advisory Board will include:

The strengths of the technology
Potential weaknesses of the technology
Objections that the technology might encounter in the
medical arena
Questions or concerns raised regarding insurance issues
Potentially competing technologies
Analysis of research presented
Additional applications of the technology
Probing business, science and medical questions that you might want answered regarding the data and technology

As the premier provider of Scientific, Medical and Clinical Due Diligence on any and all Biomedical and Life Sciences products, we have the expertise you need to most confidently evaluate the viability of your health care innovation. Give your invention the attention it deserves and get the feedback you need to successfully commercialize your product.



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