Patents and Publications

A smarter competing IP evaluation.

Successfully commercializing Intellectual Property often requires a strong barrier of patent protection around the invention. In order to determine if this is possible, Medingen will assess the landscape for IP that potentially competes with an invention, and could hinder commercialization success.

Our memberships in many proprietary database organizations gives Medingen an edge in acquiring information regarding competing patents, international patents, Patent Cooperation Treaty's, and publications in trade journals that could affect patent protection. If your invention is already patented, we can have it monitored to know when and where it is being referenced for other patent applications.

We also scour trade journals specific to your field of invention to learn who is researching and publishing manuscripts relevant to the IP. This tells us upfront who the other players are in the competitive arena, and allows us to access similarities and differences in their IP.

You can find a partial list of the organizations we employ to assist us on our Partners page.



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