Market, Industry and Licensing

Most importantly, we'll ensure that your idea has a market.

"Build it and they will come” is a myth. Successful IP commercialization requires:

A need that is not being met
A solution to that need that surpasses all other possible solutions
A strong competitive advantage
Reasonable manufacturing and marketing costs
A launch into a strong industry with a growing markets

That's why the last step in the EVALU8 process is a rigorous critique of market viability. To determine the barriers to overcome and the opportunities to exploit in moving ahead with your invention.

Our subscription memberships in industry and trade organizations provide us with proprietary access to industry, market and trade trends and growth. We know up front who the main players are, what areas of Life Sciences are growing and who potential licensing partners are. Plus, we can best assess the main competition and any barriers to entry.

We can also access up-to-the minute information on Licensing, Joint Venture, and Contract Research deals that have been signed, are under negotiation, or are being terminated - and what the terms and conditions of the agreements are.

You can find a partial list of the organizations we employ to assist us on our Partners page.



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